Pulsar Trail – Firmware Update 3.0.23

To give you the best experience, we are constantly improving our firmware with new features and performance enhancements.

What’s New

• Added temperature feature
• Minor stability enhancements
• Power management optimization
• Wi-Fi compatibility update

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New Temperature Change Compensation Function

There are discussions on social media regarding potential point-of-impact (POI) shift during extreme changing weather conditions using thermal devices.

Changes to the temperature after sighting in a firearm can change the point-of-impact. Pulsar’s user manual states that users should ...

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Firmware opdatering – Instruktioner

Før du opdaterer firmwaren, skal du kontrollere, at din enhed er sluttet til strøm, eller at batteriet viser fuld opladning.

1. Par
– Tilslut din smartphone til din enhed via Wi-Fi.
– Start Stream Vision applikation.
– Vent, indtil navnet på din enhed vises på startskærmen i Stream Vision-applikationen. Nu er din enhed synkroniseret med Stream Vision-applikationen.

2. Ophæv
– Afbryd din smartphone fra enheden.

3. Opret forbindelse til internettet
– Tilslut din smartphone til internettet.

4. Kontroller og download
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V3.0.0 Stream Vision Update

Pulsar is proud to announce the launch of a new update for the Stream Vision Application, a comprehensive tool for live video streaming and device remote control.

The new update v.3.0.0 brings extra functionality to the app making it more user-friendly and versatile.

Two new features are available: Motion Detection and Ballistic Calculator.

Motion Detection allows the user to automatically detect a moving object in the field of view of an optical device. User is free to select detection accuracy based on object ...

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V2.0.0 firmware update for Helion and Trail

The new update addresses numerous requests of Pulsar’s customers and concentrates on the main goal of the Pulsar brand – perfect image quality. Pulsar has added several new features that improve functional side, quality of image and overall performance of both models.


• New firmware update enhances video recording – recorder files have the same contrast as the image in the viewfinder.

• Wi-Fi transmission becomes more stable when the units are used in combination with smartphone or tablet.

• ...

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