Pulsar Trail – Firmware Update 3.0.23

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To give you the best experience, we are constantly improving our firmware with new features and performance enhancements.

What’s New

• Added temperature feature
• Minor stability enhancements
• Power management optimization
• Wi-Fi compatibility update

Please confirm zero prior to hunting

New Temperature Change Compensation Function

There are discussions on social media regarding potential point-of-impact (POI) shift during extreme changing weather conditions using thermal devices.

Changes to the temperature after sighting in a firearm can change the point-of-impact. Pulsar’s user manual states that users should zero rifles in the same conditions to insure accuracy. To assist customers who live in climates susceptible to significant temperature changes, Pulsar has developed an enhancement to minimize POI shift caused by changing weather conditions.

The new firmware update tracks changes in temperature to reduce the amount of shift, especially important in extreme weather. This enhancement is available free to all our customers with the 3.0.23 firmware update through Stream Vision.


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