V2.0.0 firmware update for Helion and Trail

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The new update addresses numerous requests of Pulsar’s customers and concentrates on the main goal of the Pulsar brand – perfect image quality. Pulsar has added several new features that improve functional side, quality of image and overall performance of both models.


• New firmware update enhances video recording – recorder files have the same contrast as the image in the viewfinder.

• Wi-Fi transmission becomes more stable when the units are used in combination with smartphone or tablet.

• Stadiametric rangefinder has an improved algorithm of range calculation which makes the range measurements more accurate and more precise.

• New update contains enhancements of Graphic User Interface that make icons more visible and clear.

New firmware provides a possibility to unlink the remote control from Trail or Helion in case it was lost or damaged.


• Trail riflescope has recoil activated video recording. Now the user can select from three modes Video recording/Photo/Recoil activated video recording. When this mode is activated the unit records videos starting from 3 seconds before the shot and ending 3 minutes after.

• A new reticle has been added to the reticle selection menu – M56Fi. This Mil-dot reticle can be zoomed in and out with regard to its ballistic characteristics, similar to reticles located in the first focal plane. Just select this reticle in the menu and press zoom button to see how it gets bigger.

• Shot counter has been added to device information menu.

• Auto shutdown time indication. The indication appears 3 seconds before the Automatic shutdown takes place. The user is now aware if the unit is about to switch off.

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